CMS is good for your career

Firstly: working at CMS is good for your future. Working must be enjoyable or even challenging, but you want to progress, learn new things, improve. Right? And you also want a decent salary of course. If you are someone with a technical background who can get to grips with something and cooperate effectively, then there are excellent opportunities for you at CMS!

Our vacancies

The position focuses on adjustment, commissioning, modification, overhaul and preventive maintenance of systems and project-based control development mainly in the food industry.

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You will face challenges in many different areas such as mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, measurement & control, and electrical engineering.

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You frequently switch jobs, location/environment and technical complexity of the work.

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The position is geared towards adjustment, commissioning, modification, overhaul, and preventive maintenance of systems mainly in the food industry.

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“You work at many factories, where you see many different technologies and consequently gain a lot of experience.” Tim van Eerd

You can learn a lot at CMS

Secondly, you have many opportunities to learn new things at CMS. We are an Approved Work Placement Company and for good reason. Moreover, we have many different projects involving electrical, mechanical, measurement and control engineering. We build and maintain great machinery for many different customers and at our location in Maarheeze we also have the opportunity to teach you the tricks of the trade through various training courses.

Working at CMS includes:

  • Team: 25 colleagues with a passion for engineering
  • Clients: well-known brands in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Work: machine engineering and maintenance
  • Learning: at clients and at our own training centre
  • Pay: a decent salary

Variety and freedom guaranteed

Working at CMS is never boring! Because one day you’ll be working with a colleague at Aviko doing maintenance on the entire potato chip production line and the next day you’ll go to a familiar dairy product plant to maintain a filling line. Or you may be working with a team on an automation project or moving and relocating machinery to machine lines. It is also possible to go out on your own, giving you a high level of autonomy! And if you like to get out even further, trips to Belgium, Germany and Austria are possible! Wherever your interest lies, in mechanical, electrical or automation, CMS would love to welcome you to the team!

The facts:


We have been running for 24 years

34.5 years

Average age of employees


Countries in which CMS is or has been active

“After my mechanical engineering course internship, I officially started working at CMS because the work is varied, with you having to provide your own input. I work on a lot of jobs for things that need to be remade, which involves you having to think a lot about, for instance, electronics. This work is fun because you face a lot of technical challenges. In the process, you learn a lot as you visit different locations.” Martijn van Haperen